Spring Break Skirt


Yarn: approx. 400(500, 600, 700) yards of worsted weight acrylic yarn

Tools: 4.5mm crochet hook, tapestry needle, scissors

Skill Level: Easy

Stitches: (ch)chain, (sl st)slip stitch, (sc)single crochet, (dc)double crochet

S (M, L, XL)



Foundation: Chain the length of waist measurement plus 1 inch. Being careful not to twist, join w/sl. st. in 1st  ch. to form ring, turn, ch.1, sc in each ch. around. Join with sl. st. in 1st  sc. Ch.1, sc in same sp., *ch.5, sc in nxt st* repeat from * around up until 1st  sc.

Continuous Round: *ch.5, sc in nxt ch.5 sp.* around until piece measures 16 (18, 20, 22) inches or until desired length. Once desired length is reached, ch.5, sl. st. in nxt sc. Finish off.

Bottom Edging:

Join w/sc in any ch.5 sp on bottom, 4sc in same sp., *sc in nxt sc, 5sc in nxt ch.5 sp.* repeat from * around, sc in last sc, join w/sl. st. in 1st  sc of edging round.

Finish off.


Round 1: Join w/sc in any sp. of the unworked foundation ch., sc evenly around, join w/sl st. in 1st  sc.

Round 2: Ch.1, turn, sc in each st. around, join w/sl. st. in 1st  sc.

Rounds 3-4: Ch.1, turn, sc in each sc around, join w/sl. st. in 1st  sc.

Round 5: Ch.3 (counts as dc), turn, dc in nxt st. and each st. around, join w/sl. st. in top of beg. ch.

Repeat Round 2.

Repeat Round 5.

Repeat Round 2.

Finish off.

Weave in all ends.

Drawstrings (Make 2):

Chain the length of waist measurement plus 10 inches, leave 6 inch tail on beginning and end of chain. Use tapestry needle to weave a drawstring through each of the dc rounds of the waistband.


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